July 13, 2024
Natural Cleaners

These days we all try to be a bit greener. Getting closer to nature and changing our lifestyle to a more eco-friendly way is essential to be healthier and more peaceful. Absolutely everything from your lifestyle can go greener, including domestic cleaning.

If you haven’t sanitised your oven with a DIY eco-friendly solution yet and you are about to move out, we believe that the end of tenancy cleaning is the best time to try a new, greener way of lifestyle.

Speaking of which, you have no idea how many extras and advantages the eco-friendly move out sanitising procedure can get you in the end. Here are some of them to know in advance and consider as highly motivating factors.

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe

Green cleaning means no risk for your loved ones and a more stress-free moving experience. It’s the best alternative for a quick and harmless sanitising of the property while having small kids.

Add to these your pet – the dog that loves tasting everything it can get or the cat that has already been taken to the vet because of an allergic reaction.

You might leave your current property now, but think about the next tenants. They might have the same cat, dog, and kids as yours. And they also need a new and healthy living space, right?

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Here’s one even more practical reason why you should give up on all-purpose chemical cleansers and rely on green homemade cleansing remedies while you do the end of tenancy cleaning. You can definitely expect fewer damages during the scrubbing and wiping routine.

We have heard many cases when the tenant gets deprived of his tenancy deposit because the fibres were ruined while trying to remove a stain from a carpet. Of course, they will be ruined!

With all these chemical substances in commercial detergents, it can happen to everyone.

Save Money

How much do you pay for your chemical cleansing detergents? By all means, less than buying a pack of baking soda, white vinegar, and some Borax!

With these over-the-counter ingredients, you can prepare efficient all-in-one cleansing solutions and even the most excellent fast stain-removal formula.

Besides, many of you might not even need to buy them. Who doesn’t have white vinegar at home? And what housewife doesn’t hide baking soda in her kitchen drawer?

Save the Environment

Ok, this might have nothing to do with your current plans – changing your home, finding a new job, and starting a new life in a new town, but it is worth it. Everything that concerns our planet and can make a small contribution to its preservation is worth it.

Here’s what, guys: the Earth is our only home. And it doesn’t matter what flat you will live in from now on. If we keep polluting our planet, soon there will be no clean and fresh place to stay.

DIY Cleaning Solutions Recipes

If you are motivated enough to go for a greener end of tenancy cleaning routine, you might need a list of the best eco-friendly recipes.

Here’s a bunch of them:

  • DIY all-purpose solution with baking soda. All you need is ammonia and some lukewarm water. The quantity of the water depends because your main goal in this recipe preparation is to receive paste to blot a spot with.
  • White vinegar is essential for all surfaces except for hardwood floors. Mix white vinegar with water in a 1:4 correlation to create this green solution. Use a spray bottle for easier application.
  • Essential oils. You can make mixtures according to their instructions for deodorising the rooms after cleaning and to get rid of the bad odour in the kitchen, the electric appliances, the toilet seat, and you name it.
  • Castile soap. If you want to use as green as possible soap, this one is the right for you. Castile soap is a trendy eco-friendly solution for many grimy issues you can face during the end of tenancy cleaning routine. Many housekeepers mix it with white vinegar, as the two ingredients work pretty fast against old stubborn stains and grease. In addition, castile soap is one of the best alternatives for quickly and efficiently washing the entire bathroom. This eco-friendly agent can reduce the limescale and eliminate the spots from ordinary soap on the tiles and the sink.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Although this element sounds quite chemically and harmfully, it’s not what it looks like. Hydrogen peroxide is the better and healthier alternative to bleach. You know how efficient bleach can be in cleaning numerous stubborn spots. If you are trying to deal with such a stain right now, forget about the bleach and instead, use this efficient recipe to blot the grime: half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a cup of water (it should be better distilled), and up to 20 ml of lemon juice.
  • Lemon juice. Its acid structure can clean, remove stains, and add a fantastic smell as a final touch to your green end of tenancy cleaning approach. Simply squeeze as many lemons as you need and add some distilled water. You can use a spray bottle again and clean worktops, kitchen cabinets, utensils, and stubborn stains in the bedroom.
  • Borax. Here’s the easiest recipe for this amazing sanitising solution. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of borax into 4 glasses of warm or hot water. For a better result, you can add some dishwashing soap and clean the rugs, the upholstery, and everything you can think of right now.


Eco-friendly end of tenancy cleaning is safer, more economical, and an excellent way to impress your landlord. He would be amazed by your efforts. 

And we doubt that, in the end, you will be deprived of your tenancy deposit back.

Don’t hesitate to try these fantastic recipes for a healthier, safer makeover of your rented properties.