April 11, 2024

A key component of every home decoration effort is the design of the curtains. They can transform any space from traditional to contemporary or the other way around. The next step is choosing the curtain style after selecting the fabric. In essence, this implies that you must select a curtain heading design that matches your vision of the room’s decor. To help you make an educated decision when you buy or order your blinds and curtains in Dubai, we have offered a list of the most popular styles.

French Pleats curtains 

Three pleats are sewn together to create French pleats, a type of pinch pleating. They lend a touch of elegance and formality to the top of the curtains, giving them a look that complements the majority of room décor types. Pleated curtain enthusiasts prefer this look.

Track or rod? Which type of French pleat curtains works the best?

Your French pleat curtains might be hung on a rod or a track. How do you decide between the two options? The difference between the two is that a rod will provide your windows with another beautiful feature, so it is undoubtedly a question of choice. A rod is visible, unlike a track, and you may experiment with different materials, colors, rings, and finials (the decorative end of the rod).

This extra choice might provide you even another chance to incorporate your curtains and install best blackouts into a preferred decorating style.

Pencil pleats blinds and curtains in Dubai 

As the name implies, the pleats in this type of curtain heading are long and narrow, and closely spaced. They give the curtain a unique, polished appearance. This design is frequently found in living rooms and other public spaces of the home.

What kinds of decor and spaces work best with pencil pleat curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains, as previously noted, have a very traditional feel and tend to blend in beautifully with more traditional interior designs, especially in cottages or older buildings. For curtains in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, pencil pleats are quite popular.

Glass Pleats

As you might have guessed, goblet pleats are created in the shape of a wine glass or goblet. To keep the pleats’ opulent appearance, an interlining is typically used to shape them. If the curtains are constantly drawn to the sides, the style looks bad. Goblet pleats are therefore a better choice for curtains in spaces that don’t need a lot of natural light, such as a formal living room with high ceilings.


The curtain rod is simply inserted into a pocket that has been sewn at the top of the curtain, making this type the easiest of the bunch. The curtain will naturally gather along the rod as a result. Although these curtains cannot be drawn back, hang back or tiebacks can be used to keep them open.


 Grommet metallic

To allow the curtain to move freely on the rod, grommet metallic eyelets are connected to the top of the curtain at regular intervals. It provides the curtain with a modern appearance that is ideal for those who want a minimalist design for their house.

Twin Pleats

The duo pleat is a variation of the pinch pleat that uses just two pleats joined by a header tape, requiring less fabric than a french pleat. Although french pleats are more popular, many pleated curtain enthusiasts prefer the dual pleat because it gives the space a more modern appearance.


Choose a smocked curtain to give any area an opulent appearance. The fabric of the header contains diamond-shaped stitches throughout. The curtain can have as many rows of diamonds as desired; some designs have so many that they are referred to as “honeycomb-smocked curtains.” This curtain type takes the longest to tailor and uses the most fabric of any of the other styles. It is the most costly choice on the list as a result.

Top Tab

Tab top curtains, another modern design, have tiny fabric “tabs” stitched into the top of the curtain. It is simple to slide the curtain along the rod since the curtain rod is slid through these tabs. This is the best option for natural light spaces, such as a child’s room or a home library.

After choosing a design that complements your preferences and the room’s decor, you may choose a suitable fabric and have your curtains custom-made in Dubai. Additionally, you may now decide what kind of curtain rod to utilize in the room and add tiebacks or holdbacks to complete the style. So, if you want the best blinds and curtains in Dubai, then read the above information carefully.